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Jeremy Lin Thinks Nick Young Should Turn His Swag On

Not everyone is calling Lakers forward Nick Young by his ‘Swaggy P’ moniker.

Teammate Jeremy Lin apparently isn’t feeling Young’s swaggyness quite yet.

“I call him Nick Young,” said Lin after practice on Friday. “He’s super cool, but I just find it ridiculous that everyone comes in here and just calls him Swaggy.

“I guess there just has to be something that I see — that when I look at him he just glows with ‘swaggyness.’ I’m not there yet,” said Lin.

Young has definitely returned Hollywood appeal to the Lakers with his fashion sense and his romance with pop star Iggy Azalea. There hasn’t been as popular of a nickname on the Lakers since Sasha Vujacic started calling himself ‘The Machine’ back in 2008. But Lin isn’t buying it yet.

“He’s hilarious. He’s really cool,” said Lin. “Just out of respect for him, eight years in, if he wants me to call him Swaggy P, I guess I will.

“No one calls me ‘Linsanity.’ No one calls Kobe the ‘Black Mamba,'” he carefully explained. “That’s why I think it’s ridiculous that people call him Swaggy P.”