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Jordan Clarkson should make NBA All-Rookie Team

Most coups occur in the middle of the night when regime change by force is unexpected. The Los Angeles Lakers executed one in plain sight during the 2014 NBA Draft with their selection of Jordan Clarkson.

Clarkson was the 46th pick in the second-round.  His 10 ppg average is more than the point-guards selected ahead of him, most notably lottery picks Dante Exum (4), and Marcus Smart (7), and LeBron James recruit, Miami’s Shabazz Napier (5). Milwaukee’s Tyler Ennis is averaging 3 ppg after being selected 18th, Detroit Piston Spencer Dinwiddie (4), and Houston Rocket Nick Johnson (2) were both selected ahead of Clarkson.  

Despite the Lakers’ forgettable season, Jordan Clarkson has taken it upon himself to remind everyone why teams had him as a first-round selection on many draft boards.

Clarkson recently scored a career-high 30 points against MVP candidate Russell Westbrook, drawing faint comparisons by Lakers Head Coach Byron Scott to the athletic scoring OKC Thunder point-guard.

Clarkson’s steal and furious slam dunk on Exum in a 100-97 Lakers win over the Jazz was evidence that he is further along in his game than the 19-year-old Aussie. Some may still believe Exum has a higher ceiling, but Clarkson’s college experience at Missouri is evident in his polished game.

After beginning the season in the shadows of Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash,  and  Jeremy Lin, Clarkson is poised to finish at the controls. His dynamic play has earned trust from his coaches and teammates.

His statistical averages of 10 points 2 rebounds and 2 assists alone garner All-Rookie recognition. But Jordan Clarkson is providing Lakers’ fans with realistic hope for next year.  For that seemingly insurmountable task alone, he should be rewarded.

Steve Nash, Lakers, are having fun clowning around and beefing on Twitter

Just when you thought things could not become more weird in Lakerland, two-time MVP Steve Nash decided to joust with a Twitter user. In response to a Tweet, the injured Lakers’ guard replied “I’m the hardest 41 yr old you know Brodie. Watch your mouth or temecula.”

Steve Nash or temecula

Steve Nash warns fan about how hard he is

This comes on the heels of Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young, Jordan Hill, Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin embarrassing this once proud franchise in a post-game interview after winning an overtime game against the Boston Celtics, ending an eight-game losing streak. Kobe Bryant appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and had a classic “Kobe state” reaction to his teammates antics. Coach Byron Scott joined in Kobe’s lack of enthusiasm:

“Kobe’s reaction was pretty much my reaction when I was watching it,” Scott said. “I was just shaking my head like, ‘I can’t believe this. That’s not us as Lakers. That’s not how we act. It showed a lack of professionalism.”

This just may be the worst Lakers team in history, but that hasn’t stopped them from keeping social-media sites popping with their non-basketball chicanery. Steve Nash may have gotten the “lolz,” but I’m pretty sure Lakers’ fans would prefer to see him run pick-and-roll instead of his videos playing golf and talking about how “hard” he is on Twitter.

Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo have Breakfast of Champions

NBA All-Stars Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo met for breakfast  as the Los Angeles Lakers were in town to face the Boston Celtics. The two had apparently planned for months to get together.

But what type of ‘get together’ have they been coordinating? Were the two discussing a possible trade scenario that would align them in the back-court? Bryant would welcome such a merger.

“What guard have you seen at his size that will get you 18 assists, 17 boards and 20 points all in one game? That’s unheard of. I love that kid. I always make a point of talking to him during All-Star Weekend. He’s one of my favorites,” said Bryant to ESPN.

The Lakers could conceivably trade for Rondo. They own Houston’s first-round pick and could include Steve Nash and his $9.7 million expiring contract. The Lakers are reluctant to relinquish another first-round pick which ultimately makes the deal unlikely.

The Lakers current point guard Jeremy Lin is coming off a 0 point, 0-10 shooting game. An upgrade in production at that position is needed if the Lakers want to become competitive in the guard dominant Western Conference.

It’s not uncommon for Lakers and Celtics to fellowship during the season. Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell would stay at each others homes at the peak of their rivalry.

Bryant also had a private dinner in Beverly Hills this past summer with Michael Jordan. Not only is his game in a class of its own but so is his hobnobbing.




Run The Triangle is a new testament in basketball.

Klay Thompson is cash money in Warriors victory over Lakers

How did Klay Thompson respond to inking a four-year $70 million dollar extension with the Golden State Warriors? By erupting for 41 points on 77% from the field, including 5-7 from behind the arc in a 127 to 104 trouncing of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Steph Curry added 31 points for the Warriors who picked up where they left off in pre-season when they lambasted the Lakers in two shooting exhibitions. Kobe Bryant scored 28 points but wasn’t as efficient as Thompson, who obviously had something prove against the future Hall-of-Fame shooting guard after getting big money.

Jordan Hill had 23 points, and backup big man Ed Davis added 13. But the Lakers were once again ineffective on defense, surrendering a season high 127 points.

The Lakers will try to avoid an 0-5 start when they face the Phoenix Suns Tuesday at Staples Center.

Run The Triangle is a new testament in basketball.

Lakers at Golden State Warriors Preview: Lakers Trying to Make Splash In Win Column

Golden State Warrior guard Klay Thompson is once again throwing up fours, but it’s not because of an And 1 on a three-point shot. It’s the number of years over which he will paid $70 million after inking a new extension.

Thompson averaged 18 points last season and increased his stock during his Team USA run. After not including him in a deal for Kevin Love and turning down other offers, the Warriors met the midnight deadline to retain the 24-year-old young gun.

Hard Way To Avoid 4

It won’t be easy to avoid an 0-4 start playing the high octane offensive Warriors on the second night of a back-to-back in Oakland.

Stephen Curry has been a problem thus far in his career for the Lakers. Jeremy Lin must make Curry work on the defensive end and not lot his night simply be about sinking 30+-foot daggers against porous defense. Kobe Bryant had to deal with James Harden on opening night and now must contend with the other premiere shooting guard in the league. Bryant takes these types of battles personally, and the son of former Laker Mychal Thompson has about 70 million new reason to prove he’s on his level. Look for Bryant and Thompson to have some one-on-one moments along the way.

Hill Up For Battle?

Jordan Hill can go along way to changing the complexity of this Lakers team by replicating his 23 point performance he had the night before against the Los Angeles Clippers. Andrew Bogut is currently healthy and stays active on the defense end. Jordan’s mid-range game could draw him away from the basket and give Lin and Bryant more space to operate.

In Conclusion

The Warriors are certain to score at will on a Lakers team that’s giving up 115 points a game so far, second-worst in the league. The Lakers must not let the ‘Splash Brothers’ make the game a shooting-range contest between the two, complete with cool handshakes and signals, but make them work on the defensive end.

P.A.G.E. 24 – The Lakers Fight For Elbow Room

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated 108-90 in the opening night of the 2014-2015 NBA season.

James Harden scored a game high 32 points, while Kobe Bryant led his squad with 19 points in 29 minutes. Dwight Howard cleared the air before the game about not leaving for Houston because of Kobe Bryant, only to let a third-quarter elbow to his former teammates jaw spark up new intrigue in the rivalry.

Inside The Numbers

Houston only shot 42% from the field, the problem is the Lakers shot an abysmal 35%.

The Rockets outscored them 36 to 9 from the arc, and James Harden scored 15 points at the charity stripe.

Don’t think the Lakers are missing Nick Young? They only attempted a total of 10 three-point shots. Young is not bashful, and will surely increase the number of attempts from downtown upon his return.

Jordan Hill cannot go 2-7 as the Lakers starting center. Most of those misses were at point blank range, and although he had a double-digit rebounding game, his inefficiency on the offensive end didn’t keep Terrence Jones and Dwight Howard busy long enough on defense.

Ed Davis had an economical 11 points and six rebounds in 22 minutes of play. With rookie Julius Randle out, look for Davis to fulfill the first big man off the bench role.

Jeremy Lin Thinks Nick Young Should Turn His Swag On

Not everyone is calling Lakers forward Nick Young by his ‘Swaggy P’ moniker.

Teammate Jeremy Lin apparently isn’t feeling Young’s swaggyness quite yet.

“I call him Nick Young,” said Lin after practice on Friday. “He’s super cool, but I just find it ridiculous that everyone comes in here and just calls him Swaggy.

“I guess there just has to be something that I see — that when I look at him he just glows with ‘swaggyness.’ I’m not there yet,” said Lin.

Young has definitely returned Hollywood appeal to the Lakers with his fashion sense and his romance with pop star Iggy Azalea. There hasn’t been as popular of a nickname on the Lakers since Sasha Vujacic started calling himself ‘The Machine’ back in 2008. But Lin isn’t buying it yet.

“He’s hilarious. He’s really cool,” said Lin. “Just out of respect for him, eight years in, if he wants me to call him Swaggy P, I guess I will.

“No one calls me ‘Linsanity.’ No one calls Kobe the ‘Black Mamba,'” he carefully explained. “That’s why I think it’s ridiculous that people call him Swaggy P.”

Lakers Hold First Scrimmage

The Los Angeles Lakers held their first team scrimmage.

On one team was Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Wesley Johnson, Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer.

The B-Team featured Jeremy Lin, Nick Young, Ed Davis and rookies Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle.

“I love what I saw with Kobe and Steve,” said Scott. “Steve impressed me and Kobe impressed me.”

Bryant was matched up against with Jordan Clarkson who endured a physical battle with the wily veteran.

“I was trying to test him. He’s a hard worker. He’s a curious player, so he really tires to pick things apart” said Bryant.”

The majority of time spent in training camp so far has been dedicated to working on conditioning and defense.

Clarkson, already showing signs of being a smart player, pulled Bryant to the side after practice to ask for guidance.

They discussed “defensive technique, chasing guys off of screens, and how to hide from the pick and not get picked,” said Bryant.

Ryan Kelly sat out with a moderate hamstring strain, as did Xavier Henry, who is still recovering from knee surgery.

Scott said he would sit both Bryant and Nash out of the Lakers next practice.

The starters won the scrimmage, 18-9