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Young Wants Lakers To Get Act Together

The ordinarily comical Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Young was sharply critical and disappointed with his Los Angeles Lakers team following a 103-91 loss to the (then) winless  Philadelphia 76ers.

“All I know is the circus came to town today and we did what we normally do,” said Young, referring to the increased media attention and arena demonstrations to honor Kobe Bryant following his retirement announcement.

The irony of Young, who is in a high-profile relationship with pop music artist Iggy Azalea, being concerned with distractions is that it was he who last season interrupted a post-game interview following a victory which ended up on Kobe Bryant’s Summer Jam screen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

But after a season of being publicly scolded by Byron Scott for lackadaisical play, it is now Young going on the offensive in the media.

“It can’t be like a video game & you’re playing with your favorite player, you know,” said Young after a Lakers’ 111-77 loss to the Golden State Warriors. “We’ve all got to share the ball.”

It is no secret that the Lakers attempted to trade Young this offseason and had no takers. Their relationship became rocky with Chicago Bulls forward Pau Gasol after seasons of failed trade attempts.

Time will tell if Young is developing into a veteran who is more of a vocal leader, or has grown weary playing under the lights of the greatest show on earth.

We’re a circus,” chided Young. “We’re playing terrible. We lost to Philly. Philly! What does that make us?”

Jordan To Give Lakers’ Defense Air

Kobe Bryant had to cover Byron Scott as a rookie in training camp as a third-string shooting-guard.

Rookie Jordan Clarkson got christened into training camp by receiving the defensive assignment against Bryant.

Clarkson was taken to task in the post, going for fakes as Bryant hit fade-away jumpers.

“He’s a hard worker,” said Bryant after practice. “He’s a curious player, so he really tries to pick things apart. I was trying to test him.”

A place where an immediate impact on the floor can be made as a rookie is on the defensive end. There may not be many shots for Clarkson, but defending at the guard position in the Western Conference is a necessity.

With an aging Steve Nash, Clarkson could see minutes against speedy guards like Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Ty Lawson because of his energy on defense.

Phil Jackson named Cleveland Cavilers Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue to the 2001 Lakers playoff roster over Isaiah Rider in large part due to his defensive abilities. Lue helped the Lakers match-up against ball dominating guards like Jason Williams, Damon Stoudamire, and Allen Iverson, on their way to a historic 15-1 playoff record, and culminating in back-to-back titles.

While at Missouri, Clarkson averaged 17 points per game, almost 4 rebounds, and 3 assists.
He was chosen second-team All-SEC, and earned three league player-of-the-week honors.

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchack may have gotten the steal of the draft, as many analysts had him slated to go late in the first-round.