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Bowen Says Kobe Didn’t Settle For Less Like Vince, T-Mac

In a recent interview with Slam Magazine, 5x NBA All-Defensive Team member Bruce Bowen discussed who he enjoyed battling the most on the defensive end. He revealed that at times Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady were top competitors, but believed they lacked the desire of Kobe Bryant.

The “Who is better, Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas” discussions are popular in hip-hop culture, and equivalent to “Kobe, Vince, or T-Mac” in the post Michael Jordan era of basketball.

Many have deemed the San Antonio Spurs as the class of the NBA. If this is true, then one must take seriously the words and opinions of their defensive stalwart.

Championships, wins, personal accolades, and statistics are most often used to determine separation between players. But what could be more credible than a report from the players themselves?

Maybe it’s his 1-3 playoff record against him, but Bruce Bowen obviously believes the desire of Kobe Bryant is something that separates him from his contemporaries.

“Tracy might have been one of the most talented but he’d settle. He wouldn’t necessarily bring it the whole time. Vince, if he was more competitive, if he had the desire of Kobe, he could have been one of the all-time greats. But…he settled to a point where you accomplish a few things and that’s that. – Bruce Bowen


Kobe In Line For 6 Plus

He’s ready to get back to the office and show off the latest version. After a short-lived return during the 2013-2014 season, Kobe Bryant is eagerly waiting to upgrade to six or more rings.

Bryant is currently the NBA’s highest paid player, earning $7 million dollars more than the next highest contract. But injuries and a retooling team have brought the player from another galaxy back to earth. Bryant was recently ranked as the 24th best player by Sports Illustrated , just the type of thing he takes note of to fuel his competitive fire. Some basketball gamers were flabbergasted by NBA 2K15’s initial player ranking of 89 for the five-time champion, lower than his senior, Tim Duncan.

Observers are skeptical of the newest Kobe model. After all of these years can he really keep modifying the specs? Have his competitors who’ve studied his blueprint caught up or surpassed him? Fall is here, and five is no longer in style. Duncan and Bryant are both in line battling to be the first one to get number six.