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Jordan Hill Is Out Of The Swimming Pool

Not every Laker had a “bad” 2014 campaign.

Jordan Hill averaged a career high 9.7 points and 7 rebounds a game.

After dropping from 253 pounds to 240 this past summer, Hill, 27, has been the starting center thus far in camp.

The Lakers were unable to woo Carmelo Anthony from New York, and lost Pau Gasol to Chicago, paving the way for Hill to earn a hefty $9 million contract.

“I take pride in that they wanted me back and were willing to pay to have me back,” he said. “It’s a good feeling. It built up my confidence.”

Although he played well in stints, Hill averaged only 20 minutes a game last season. He played with energy, but seemed to get fatigued down the stretch. He mad adjustments during the off-season which he believes will help his stamina.

“I stopped drinking a lot,” Hill professed. “I don’t drink anymore, to tell you the truth. I got my body refreshed and I’m more energized. I’m recovering faster after practice. It feels real good.

“I made it a point to myself — it’s time to grow up. I wanted to help bring another ring here and I wanted to be a professional about it.”