Phil Jackson: Kobe’s Training is TransJordan

Phil Jackson stated in a N.Y. Post article that Kobe Bryant modeled his game after Michael Jordan, except when it comes to training, where Bryant has taken it to a level where Jordan never did.

It has been written that Jordan would spend nights before games playing cards until the a.m., and summers playing golf before drastically changing his workout regiment after the physical beatings endured at the hands of the Bad Boys in Detroit. He was the first NBA superstar to incorporate weight training when it was thought it hindered agility.

TNT Analyst  Jeff Van Gundy said he once saw Kobe Bryant shoot 100,000 practice shots in one session. He then added that Tracy McGrady hadn’t taken that many in an entire season of practice.

In an off-season where players such as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James have admitted to carrying extra weight and needed to slim down, one can begin to understand the conditioning Kobe Bryant has sustained over 19 NBA seasons.

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